“A day spent without reading is a day wasted.” What is your view?

This one was written just recently, about a month ago. I don’t remember the exact date.


BookA day spent without reading what? And a day wasted for whom? And if a day spent without reading SOMETHING is wasted for SOMEONE, then how does reading turn a wasted day into a useful and fruitful one? Without answering these questions, the topic statement seems very harsh and one sided.

Reading can be associated with books, newspapers, self-written work, brail, musical notation, expressions, text messages, information on a computer, on websites, electronic books, and essays. Reading can also be divided into even smaller categories, such as reading advertisements, notes, memos, names, dates, and so on. In a nutshell, reading is about everything that is written down by any means of writing, whether it is electronic, handwritten, or digital. So taking this definition of “reading” into account, a day spent without reading will be useless. How can someone spend a day without reading anything? It is possible if the person is illiterate and cannot read, or if he’s blind, but then it is not his/her fault and the person’s day will not be considered as wasted, because they can still indulge in other activities. But if a completely normal, educated person decides to spend one day without reading anything…it will be impossible, and if somehow he/she succeeds to avoid every form of writing, then yes, their day will be wasted.

Now keeping in mind an illiterate individual who cannot read, then would it plausible to conclude that every single day of his life has been a waste because he never read anything? No, because he has learnt to live his life being deprived of the knowledge of reading. Examples of such illiterate and uneducated people present in our society work as sweepers, helpers, sometimes even drivers, and they spend their day doing their job, earning a living, spending it on themselves and their family, but just not reading anything. Though it has to be admitted that because they cannot read they do have to face many problems due to that, but wasted is something which their days never are.

Now I know that when the word “reading” is presented to a…”reader”, then it is usually referred to book reading. Applying this definition to the statement that without reading a day is wasted, it still does not fit. If someone does not read a book one day, they watch television, surf the internet, complete their school or office work, socialize with friends, or just have a day off and travel. All these activities, if not equally, are as productive and useful as reading. Without reading (books), a day can never be considered as wasted. “Wasted” is just the wrong word to be used.

Though one cannot ignore the advantages of reading, as it improves grammar, writing skills, and the ability decipher some words while speaking to someone. None of these skills are obtained from watching television, socializing and or travelling. Reading enables the mind to think over objects of interest, which enable a person in making informed decisions, its food for the soul, for it nourishes the human intellect in probing things deeper, analyzing things, and provide guidance to people, to instances they have not yet been exposed to life. But even though, if one misses to read one day, the day is not wasted. That is my view on whether a day is wasted without reading or not. Reading has its own unique advantages, and the rest of activities one performs in everyday life possess their own specific rewards. Therefore, a day spent without reading is not a day wasted.


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  1. I think all students who have problems with essay writing should visit your blog. It’s informative and provides them with essays that could make them better in writing their own. You set good examples for them to follow. Kudos for the good work and keep writing.

  2. although my mother tongue is not english, I can tell you that the way you write is really good and capture readers to continue all the way to the end, I am about to take my stanag test ( it measures your language skills for military members), my writing skills are not that good, but now that I have had the opportunity to read yours I am taking advantage of them. thanks and keep writing

    • Hi!

      No I Haven’t been writing lately, because I’m currently working on taking this ESSAY BLOG to another level. We’re creating an online writing society, in which people can write and review short stories, essays, scripts, anything. SO because of that, I didn’t have time to write. I have a few incomplete essays which I started off a month ago, I’l probably complete those and post them up on the blog. Glad to know you are interested. =)

      About my GP paper, I got an A grade in that, and really happy about it.

      Hope you’re doing well! Take care!

  3. Firstly, allow me to introduce myself. I’m an English teacher, currently teaching 26 students for the Cambridge A-levels GP paper. I came across your blog accidentally while googling for the 2006 GP paper question on “music without words is meaningless”. I must say, your essays are truly fun to read and very well articulated.

    Looking forward to reading more of your essays. Keep on writing!

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