Tips on Writing, and Choosing Your Essay Topic

Wow, it has almost been a year since I’ve written a new essay. I promised I’ll keep writing even after my GP exam, but I couldn’t keep it because of a lot of my…umm…”busyness”. But here I am again, with finally enough time to get into writing again, and show you my work! I’m done with my A levels, and I’m taking a gap year which I’m spending writing short movie scripts and making short movies. And now that I have so much time available, why not write my essays?

So to get back to my essay-writing flow (and getting used to my blog again, because I logged in after a really long time), I’ve decided to post some TIPS on GP essay writing. Yeah, I know I’m only a student, I’ve studied GP for a year, and I have achieved an A grade in it (trust me, I am NOT boasting), but why not I share some of the things I learnt along the way while writing my essays and giving my GP Paper? These tips are not PROFESSIONAL GUIDELINES on writing your essays, but just something which may help you get comfortable with your writing and make sure you don’t stop enjoying your writing as you write the essay.

  1. Power of interest: When your teacher present you with a list of topics to write at home, always choose the topic you are interested in. From interested, I don’t mean that you should know anything about it, interest s just enough. Why? Because if you want to write an essay of, for example, Robots in the Future, you have the passion and interest to write on the topic. Now all you have to do is just start researching on the topic, and as you research you will not just get points for that particular essay, but some information will be kept in your brain for any future essays you write on a similar topic, for example, Robots Replacing Humans.
  2. Power of passion: As mentioned in the first point, your passion and interest for a specific topic or subject matters a LOT in your essay-writing. Remember you are writing argumentative essays, so you’ll need both knowledge AND passion about the topic you are writing in to defend/attack your topic.Need an example? Notice my essay categories. I have studied Economics and Business, but I really do NOT feel like writing on any such topics related to these subjects. And take the category Science and Technology; I am very much interested in topics related to science, but I’ve never taken up a science subject since my IGCSE’s. I was very passionate about the topics, and I learnt a lot through researching about them before I used to write my essays.
  3. Read everything before you write: When giving your exam, always read all the topics before choosing which one to write on, and never plan a topic to choose before you even look at them. You may be a know-it-all in science, but you might find a topic related to movies which is easier to write on, fun to write on, and even gets your interest more than a science related topic.
  4. Outlines are boring, but they’re your friends: Remember your teacher once suggested that you to create an outline, or a draft before you write an essay? It sounds unnecessary when you have your all-powerful brain to process and structure all the points for you, but once you do it you’ll realize how important and helpful it is. Planning an outline of your essay on a sheet of paper helps you jot down ANY point you get, and then visually re-arranging them in front of them using a pen is much simpler. Its helps you organize your essay in a flow so that the reader enjoys reading and you as a writer enjoy writing it.
  5. Less breaks, more focus: When writing unsupervised, try to avoid breaks between your writing. From my experience, the less breaks while writing, the more you stay focused and involved in the topic, and the more you stay involved, the more interesting your essay becomes.
  6. Mood matters: Make sure you’re in a GOOD mood when you’re writing, with no distractions around you or inside your head. Focus is important!

Again a reminder, that these are not guidelines, just a few tips which may help you out in writing. Enjoy writing, and get those A grades!

If you have your personal tips which you’d like to share, post them as comments below. Share and spread the knowledge! Goodbye!


17 responses

  1. Hey. I just wanted to ask you if strong vocabulary is a must or just a bonus? My vocabulary is not strong and my ideas vary according to the topic but overall my essay seems OK!

    • When it comes to vocabulary then the more the merrier. Why? It helps communicate your ideas better. Just don’t pressure yourself and let that demotivate you, but keep on building your vocabulary and with time you will get better. Read. A lot!

  2. This would be great information for students who are given the task of essay-writing. However, according to me, now-a-days, there is only one difficult task and that is to choose a topic, as there are many websites which are providing essay-writing services to students. You just have to enter your topic and your work is done; but then, choosing a good website is another difficult task. If you happen to find one, you would surely get good grades.

  3. There are number of topics that can be written for essay. But the problem is that most of the academic people find hard to choose the essay topics and they struggle out to write the essays. And the tips you have mentioned here is really informative and well organized. Great Info!!!

  4. The most difficult part I agree is usually topic choosing. But after you choose your topic make sure you make your introduction as interesting as possible. It should get the reader’s attention urging them to read on.

  5. I found so many noticeable points in this post.Choosing a topic for writing essay is one of the difficult and hectic task for the research students.. mostly students cant do it by themselves because its very tough to write an essay or prepare assignment in a proper manner for instance: they have to make it exclusive by choosing a unique topics, presentable n formatting, applying proper citation style, using fresh content to avoid plagiarism issues etc.. Anyways, thanks for sharing your tips here.

  6. This is so meaningful article about tips for writing.. When I make up my mind for preparing assignment then its become so hard for me to isolate with my work as I need some space n breaks in any kind of work even I have to make my mood for writing as you mentioned in your post.. Power of passion is also very necessary because without it we cant be a good essayist.. anyways.. Looking for more uploads..


    • Thank you so much, I am honored! I am flattered but I do not think I am anybody to mentor you. There are people out there who are so much better than me, people who have written classic and world famous essays. Follow them, set their essays as your target and you shall achieve excellence. 🙂

  7. Hey!

    Uh I’m doing GP now; I have exam next Monday actually!

    Anyways, I was wondering if you could post some of my essays so I can see what everyone thinks of them. I don’t think they are too bad, but I kind of want to see public opinion. What do you think?


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