Tips on Writing, and Choosing Your Essay Topic

Wow, it has almost been a year since I’ve written a new essay. I promised I’ll keep writing even after my GP exam, but I couldn’t keep it because of a lot of my…umm…”busyness”. But here I am again, with finally enough time to get into writing again, and show you my work! I’m done with my A levels, and I’m taking a gap year which I’m spending writing short movie scripts and making short movies. And now that I have so much time available, why not write my essays?

So to get back to my essay-writing flow (and getting used to my blog again, because I logged in after a really long time), I’ve decided to post some TIPS on GP essay writing. Yeah, I know I’m only a student, I’ve studied GP for a year, and I have achieved an A grade in it (trust me, I am NOT boasting), but why not I share some of the things I learnt along the way while writing my essays and giving my GP Paper? These tips are not PROFESSIONAL GUIDELINES on writing your essays, but just something which may help you get comfortable with your writing and make sure you don’t stop enjoying your writing as you write the essay.

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This news is a month old, but I forgot to update this blog. I scored an A grade in my GP AS level exam. =D

I’m really happy, as I worked very hard for it. They essay topics in the examination were exactly the ones I could write on, like music. I will try reporoducing one of the essays which I wrote in the examination, on the topic “Should people pay to hear music?”. I think that was one of the best ones I wrote.

Thank you ery much! I know I haven’t written any essay for a while, but that’s because my laptop wasn’t feeling well. =P I shall be writing more very soon!